The population of the world is going to a great extent, for all the people food is one of the most necessary and key elements for living life. To meet these it is highly required to have good farming techniques to efficiently meet the needs. For the process, the tractor is one of the important equipment and the efficiency will be based on the off road tractor tire as well. Because tire is the part that is in relation to the ground and they directly take part in the efficiency of production. There are certain new types of tires and their features will help in production.

Rolling resistance

Rolling resistance is the factor that directly influences the efficiency of the machine. When the fuel consumption is high it is the major concern for both the manufacturer and the farmer. In addition to it, load and inflation pressure, several factors like diameter, width, construction, the thread also have a certain effect on the rolling resistance. It is also an important aspect to know that these dimensions and the certain relationship among them play a major role to minimize the rolling resistance and to have maximum fuel efficiency.


Traction helps to keep the machinery in motion, you may apply any horsepower but you cannot achieve the wheels to be spinning when traction is applied. This traction is generated by the tread; it creates the interlocking cog-like connection with the ground and enables the transmission of all the driving, braking, and steering forces. Such kind of traction can be efficiently used with the right kind of tire materials.

In order to minimize the overall cycle time of operation, equipment manufacturers are producing new machines that have great mobility in different areas like roads, storage site, farmyards.

Protection to the soil

Tires are the materials that are in connection with the soil, the complete manufacture of the machine is giving the stress in tire manufacturer to have an efficient one. It is not good to have a huge weight on the surface and they are produced in such a way with the flotation characteristics in order to reduce to perform their work with lower pressure.


Since time is one of the important factors to be considered, these tires with the new technology are constructed. The important aspects will be riding comfort and noise. This can be provided by the right tire design. The new tires are equipped in such a manner.



In farming, it is necessary for the machine to work continuously and there can be wear and tear in the tire when their quality. When having an efficient new generation tire this helps in having a good life and the farmers do not need to work, spend energy and money to change the tires frequently.

Technology shows different routes as the needs and lifestyles changes. It is required to go with technology and choose the right quality materials to have efficient working and successful farming. Make the right selection, use them efficiently and have successful and productive agriculture.