Honda – ‘The Future is Now’

We’ve all wanted a car like Night Rider, which talks to you and tell you what the score is. Well, Honda Cars India is taking the idea to the marketing and sales field by introducing a ‘talking car’ interface into Sales model of Honda cars at test centres and dealerships.

Honda certainly have a strong understanding of their market as they are the number 1 car manufacturer in all of India. This is huge as let’s not forget that India has a population of 1.35 billion so this is a huge number of consumer cars being used. They must feel confident in their techniques in order to make such a bold step.

21st Century Car Buying

The Talking Car Interface is a new Honda feature which will explain its features to customers while they take the CR-V for a test drive. In order to enhance the car buying experience of the customers. This interface allows the car the explain how to use each feature using ai based technology which studies the driver’s driving pattern.

How does ‘Talking Car’ work exactly?

It’s basically a mobile application which has capacity to be connected to a digital device which is connected to the test cars audio system. Once the engine is started the talking car application takes inputs which are based on the driver’s driving habits and techniques and then follows with an explanation of the key features of a car.

Honda released a press release which introduces the concept as a new customer interface, this is available at Honda dealerships. This is first rolled out in India but Honda being an innovative car and engine manufacturer we expect that the potential to bring this to testing centres and dealerships all across the globe is very much a possibility.

India’s Finest

Honda Cars India Senior Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing, Rajesh Goel said that Honda is committed to introduce innovative solutions that offer delightful customer experience in areas of sales and service. Test Drive is a critical part of the car purchase process. The ‘Talking Car’ concept is part of our digitization efforts at our dealerships which will offer a differentiated and user friendly experience to our customers for understanding the car and its features”.

Maybe customers will find this annoying and make them less likely to buy the car, or actually this could become a trend in all car dealerships of a brand and independent nature – only time will tell if you’ll find this feature in Cars for Sale North Wales.

It is designed to provide uniform information sharing with the driver.

Would you appreciate a car talking to you and helping you along on a test drive? Or would you rather let the road and the drive itself do the talking. No doubt everyone will have a different opinion and it will be intriguing to see how this works for both an automotive and marketing perspective.