If you have been reading up on car valuation, you must have come across the latest car valuation tools including car valuation online. This method is easy and hassle free where you only have to key in a few specific details and you can then get the accurate value of your used car revealed to you in a jiffy.

However, when it comes to increasing second hand car valuation, there are a few techniques that may come in handy. Yes you heard it right.

There are a few ways that will help you scale up the value of your car prior to selling it. Here are 5 simple ways to increase the value of your car in comparison to other counterparts:

  • Maintenance- If you have maintained and serviced your car on a regular basis, this will keep it running in good condition and will increase its overall performance and longevity alike. You should always service your car periodically at authorized service centers and make use of original components and spare parts when it comes to any replacement or repair. The usage of original components will keep your car as good as new and this will help you get a higher value while selling it.
  • Service History- You should carefully maintain service history including complete records of service bills and logs. This will definitely work as total proof of the maintenance of the car as far as buyers are concerned. Low servicing requirements will indicate that the car has been in excellent condition. This will enhance the resale value of the car. If you do not have a record of earlier services, you should get hold of the same from your service center. Cars that have proper documents will always have higher value than their counterparts.
  • Extended Warranties/Service- Getting an extended warranty is a great idea in order to take care of any sudden or unforeseen expenses in the future. This will boost the value of the car if it remains valid at the time of selling the vehicle. This will help you bargain for a higher price.
  • Cleanliness- Cars which have been maintained in terms of dusting and washing will always command higher valuations. If you have cleaned and washed your car regularly and if the interiors are also spanking clean, you can certainly expect a higher valuation at the time of selling.
  • Functional Electrical Components- If your car has a fully functional set of electricals, the valuation is definitely set to be higher. You should spend a little time and fix any major or minor electrical issues right from the bulbs to the dashboard and even the sunroof if you have one. These things should be in order to get a higher value for the car while selling it.

You should remember that if you have done the above things, you will fetch a higher value for your car irrespective of its age. A well maintained and clean car that is more than 5-7 years old may garner higher value than a car which is 3 years old but in poor condition and without proper records.