Are you planning to move?

You aren’t alone since over 40 million Americans change addresses every year. Once you decide to move, you’ll need a storage facility to house your possessions.

However, you might need storage for your car as well. Fortunately, vehicle storage facilities exist for this purpose.

If you have no prior experience with this service, you might feel skeptical. After all, your vehicle is one of your most expensive investments.

Our guide can dispel some of your worries. Read on as we discuss vehicle storage units and what they can do for you:

What are Vehicle Storage Facilities?

A vehicle storage facility has self-storage units specifically made for cars and other vehicles. As such, it’s similar to a garage or parking space. However, you’ll enjoy similar advantages depending on your chosen company and unit. Some of these include on-site security, climate control, and gated access.

What Type of Storage for Cars is Right for You?

Every vehicle storage type has its set of pros and cons. Go beyond availability as your primary consideration to get the best unit for your vehicle. As such, here are some common car storage types:

Uncovered Parking Spaces

As its name indicates, it’s a parking space rented within a set duration. It’s usually within a parking lot of a self-storage facility. The surface could either have proper paving or use grass, dirt, or gravel.

Uncovered parking spaces are the cheapest method of storing a car. However, it lacks protection from the elements. It’s not ideal when the facility is within a city experiencing extreme weather conditions.

Covered Parking Spaces

Consider this type of vehicle storage if you want protection against rain or snow. It’s often a large carport many other vehicles share. Unlike its uncovered counterpart, this space has a roof overhead.

Shared Indoor Units

These are warehouse-sized facilities storing lots of cars within a shared enclosure. It offers the best protection against extreme weather.

However, shared indoor units aren’t as convenient since you’re sharing the space with other vehicles. In some facilities, you must schedule an appointment before retrieving your car.

Personal Enclosed Units

It’s the most expensive choice for vehicle storage since it’s a garage exclusive for your vehicle. You have full access since you can drive in and out of these storage spaces. These self-storage units have more features, such as climate control and live-streaming.

The best part is these units go beyond the usual cars. Most can cater to boats, RVs, and other huge vehicles. 

Even so, put car protection film to ensure nothing can damage its paint during transit. Check out this product through the link.

Rent Storage Spaces for Your Car Now

These are some common vehicle storage facilities for your car. Never let the wrong option cause your vehicle to lose its shine. Use the tips mentioned above to get the best one for your budget.

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