Are you a car nut? If so, you’re not alone.

After all, there’s nothing more fun than taking your car to the next level. That’s because there’s no limit to ways to customize your ride by adding performance parts.

Believe it or not, performance exhaust is one of the coolest after-market features you can invest in. This article takes a look at how to choose the best exhaust system for your car.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on how to get the right performance muffler for increased speed and power.

Selecting the Right Size

When it comes to selecting the best exhaust system for your car, size is the primary factor. In fact, if the muffler won’t match the configuration of your current tailpipe, it’s not going to be of much use to you at all.

That’s why it’s so crucial to get the proper measurements before you begin shopping for the muffler of your dreams.

There are several measurements that you need to have for choosing the right muffler. These include the inlet size, the outlet size, and a measurement for the length.

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Selecting the Right Shape

The next factor to keep in mind is the shape. The most important thing to remember about the shape of a muffler is, aesthetics and personal preference are more important than performance.

After all, once you’ve determined the proper size of your muffler, the shape will determine the overall appearance of how it will look when it’s installed.

The most popular types that you’re going to find on the market will be round, square, oval, and dual. Obviously, everyone has their own preference, but you’d be wise to consult an expert before installing a particular shape of the muffler on your car just to see what they might recommend for your particular model of car.

Selecting the Best Configuration

It’s also important to pick the best exhaust configuration for your car. The two main configurations are single and dual exhaust systems.

Single exhaust systems are the most common, featuring a single set of components. These components include a muffler with an exhaust tip that exits behind the axle.

Dual exhaust systems essentially consist of a headpipe, a converter, and a muffler, but also have two exhaust tips exiting the muffler.

The Best Style and Materials

Now let’s take a moment to discuss the best style and materials for your performance muffler.

The most popular type of exhaust upgrades includes cat-back and axle-back.

A cat-back system is designed to replace the components of your exhaust system from the catalytic converter back. An axle-back system, on the other hand, replaces the components from the rear axle all the way to the exhaust tip.

When it comes to materials, the most common materials used in the manufacture of exhaust tips are chrome and stainless steel.

A Guide to Buying the Best Performance Exhaust System for Your Car

Making major upgrades to your car can be fun and exciting. The key is understanding where to start. Fortunately, this guide to how to choose the best performance exhaust system will help transform your car into the powerful machine you’ve always dreamed of owning.

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