Learning to drive is one of the most exciting experiences of any person. To experience that autonomy of moving without depending on anyone, is to know what freedom is. Therefore we must be very careful in choosing the place and the method of learning. Then we leave you a list of aspects that you must take into account when opting for one or another option.

Key aspects:

  1. Is it certified? This indicates the legality of the car teaching center and determines the categories for which they are authorized in the practice of teaching classes.

  2. Verify that they are enabled to issue the type of license you require. Make sure they also prioritize defensive driving course.
  1. Look for options of practical classes according to the standard.  Also try to choose classes at different times of the day to familiarize yourself with the traffic of the city and the lighting conditions. Also, take classes in different types of terrain to improve your skills.

  2. Do they offer theoretical classes? These are compulsory and any legal school will provide sessions of basic mechanics, legislation and rules of traffic and road safety with a sufficient amount to see all the issues. Especially if you live in NY, you need to understand a lot of traffic rules.

So it demands that your driving school gives you the necessary training in these aspects that will be crucial for you to be a true driver and not simply someone capable of moving a vehicle.

These aspects are crucial. Have them super account and above all avoid learning on your own. Many people feel that because they can drive a car they are worthy to drive on the highway. Driving a car in a residential complex and on the highway are two different things. To drive on the highway one needs two rules; theory and practice.