There are advantages as well as disadvantages to of used Lexus car if you thinking to buy one. One positive point is getting the car atyour budget if it is low than the original price whereas the disadvantage is the car will have more problems due to the previous owner. These are some tips to follow before buying a used Lexus car.

  • Mileage Check

Checking the mileage is very important. The car’s odometer reading should match the mileage disclosure of the vehicle.

  • Warranty Of The Used Car

In some cases, there will be a warranty on some used Lexus cars with suchhigh mileage. So it is very important to inspect the vehicle by a Lexus mechanic according to Kearney Mesa Lexus dealer. If there is still warranty in a used Lexus car, then the manufactures should be called and asked about the coverage use.

  • “Buyer’s Guide” Sticker Should Be Checked

While you are planning to buy a used Lexus car from a dealership, then the buyer’s guide sticker should be checked. This is generally attached to the car’s window. All the used car dealers must have attached “buyer’s guide” sticker to the vehicle as per the federal law. This provides information about the car like it has a warranty or not. The Buyer’s guide highly recommends it to inspecting a used vehicle by a mechanic before buying. So in case of used Lexus car, the Lexus mechanic should be called to inspect the vehicle.

  • Knowing About The Car History

All the past records of maintenance it should be asked to the seller to check. It is important to know if the car has any previous accidents. The car should also be checked if it is labeled a lemon by using its VIN (vehicle identification numeral).

  • Comparing The Car With Similar Car Models

The used Lexus car’s price can be verified using any car guide such as the NADA or Kelley Blue Book. The LexService Auto highly recommends inspecting the used Lexus vehicle by a licensed Lexus auto technician especially if a car has been driven over 50k miles. An auto Lexus mechanic will check the engine, transmission, and frame as well as will compare it with cars of the same models as per Lexus dealer serving Kearney Mesa. The car should be brought only if it passes the inspection.

  • Maintaining Caution Of Curb Stoning

When a dealer damages a car that he/she can’t sell, they give the car to another person to sell it through newspaper classifieds or craigslist. When the title history is checked, it will show the recent change of the title which may indicate that the car is labeled a lemon.

  • Negotiating

Apart from inspecting the used Lexus car, the main and final point negotiating and a one on one negotiating can be daunting. The key is to use all the available information about the car as an advantage to lower the price. Before negotiating, a good amount of time should be given for research to learn about the car briefly.