Sunday drives, weekend scenic getaways, and road trips all seem to combine with warm, sunny months. Tip Top Cash for Cars Newcastle offers drivers the following tips to ensure they are ready for the road.

Check the battery of the Car

There is nothing worse than leaving yourself vulnerable, and if the battery is failing, you could end up far from home with a dead car. Check the battery and if necessary replace it. You’ll want to make sure that the electrical system is charging at the proper rate. The key is not to overcharge or undercharge the battery. Overcharging and excessive heat will shorten the life of the battery.

Check the tyres of the Car

The proper tyre pressure and tread depth are necessary for a safe trip. Check each of the tyres for wear and tyre depth and be sure that you have the tyres properly inflated. Look at your owner’s manual for the correct level. If your tyres show signs of uneven wear than your car may need an alignment.

Check the HVAC

Your air conditioning is not your only concern, your heating and ventilation needs to be, as well.

Check all fluids

Never start out on the road until all fluids are checked. Fluids include the power steering, engine oil, transmission and brake fluids along with the windshield washer solvent and the antifreeze/coolant.

Check the wipers and lighting

You don’t want to be traveling on the road smeared with bugs with no way to clean your windshield while driving; nor do you want your lighting to be malfunctioning. Check the headlights and all interior lighting before your road trip.

Be sure to pack your emergency kit

Your emergency kit should include all the essentials for road safety like flares, your cell phone and charger, and first aid.

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