If you own a car then you know how much of an investment it is and you want to make sure that your investment is well  protected and that you are minimizing the depreciation costs of the car by properly and regularly maintaining it. Most car owners avoid regular maintenance of their vehicles because it is considered either time-consuming or too expensive. The aim of this post is to help car owners by suggesting easy DIY maintenance hacks that can be implemented to make their lives easier whilst also saving money on repairs and maintenance costs.


A majority of drivers do not check their tyre pressure as often as they should and when they do it can be difficult to tell if the pressure is too low just by looking. Some newer cars are equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system that makes it easier for them to tell the pressure of their tyres but for the cars that are not fitted with this system it might be a good idea to invest in tyre pressure valve caps. Tyre pressure valve caps make it easier for drivers to know when their tyre pressure is low, all you have to do is replace the current existing valve caps with the tyre pressure valve cap, once they are fitted it either shows green if the tyre pressure is up to standard and red if the tyre pressure is low. It is worth remembering that due to the varied sizes of tyres you need to know the exact size of your tyres before purchasing a valve cap. If your tyresare damaged beyond repair or if it’d be cheaper to buy a new set of tyres than repair you should first consider checking online for Tyres for Sale and compare prices between brands and stores.

Window Damage

Storing your car outdoors or even just driving around in it opens up the car to contact with stones and debris that might scratch the paint job or chip the windows and windscreen. Driving with a chip on your window or windscreen is not only distracting but also a safety hazard and if it it do not addressed quickly enough it might turn into a crack and then end up breaking. When this happens you end up spending more money replacing the window or windscreen than you would have if you’d addressed the issue earlier on when it was just a chip. If you do notice a chip on your windscreen you should try filling in the damaged area with a thin layer of clear nail polish, when the nail polish dries the chip becomes less visible.

Interior polishing

If you have owned your car for a long time you’ll be able to tell the difference between how it used to look and what it looks like now. One the of the main sign of wear in your car is the dashboard and leather surfaces, using olive oil to wipe the dashboard and other leather surfaces allows you to pick up dust, grime and other debris that might be stuck on the surfaces. Pour a little olive oil onto a coffee filter and then use to wipe surfaces for a shinier, cleaner and newer look.


After driving for a while your car headlights would most likely be scuffed up and cloudy with dust, insects and other debris, in most cases cloudy headlights do not really affect the performance of your car but if you are concerned with your car’s appearance then you wouldn’t appreciate this. An easy way to clean your cloudy headlight us to use toothpaste, to do this simply place a little bit toothpaste onto a clean clothe and start scrubbing the headlights. Using toothpaste allows the mild abrasive ingredients to remove thin layers and fill in chips or scratches that might be present on the headlight.


Having worn out blades on your windscreen wipers can be annoying and sometimes dangerous, it can leave scratches on your windscreen and can lead to larger chips. Wrapping a pair of stocking tightly over the worn out wiper blades to protect the metal from the windscreen. As well as protecting your windscreens it also doubles as a screen cleaner.


Taking your car in to get dents removed can be time consuming and expensive, however, if you are dealing with any small to medium sized dent you can save money by doing this simple trick by yourself at home. Simply place a plunger on the surface of the dent and pull until the dent pops out. You should do this as soon as you notice any dents before it gets worse.

If you do follow these easy to do hacks you’ll end up saving money that you’d probably be spending on professional repairs and regular maintenance. Of course if you do come across any issues that might be considered dangerous to either yourself of those around you then you should take your car in to an experienced professional.