Driving is one of the most risky thing one can attempt for. Nowadays it has become much more risky looking at the pace of people’s lives around us. All are in a hurry and accident happens. It happens probably just once and life takes a turn or probably takes the life itself. Driving is a matter of great responsibility, not only just one’s own life but also matter of the people whom the driver has taken responsibility of helping them reach their destination. It is one’s own responsibility to follow all the traffic rules because one mistake can cost lives and a mistake which can hardly be compensated..

Drunk driving has become a common affair nowadays. So many accidents are taking place due to drunk driving. When a person is not in his or her sense how can he or she drive, that should be the question. Get a taxi to avoid taking the risk of driving all by yourself and taking a risk of other people’s lives who are driving or walking on road.

Road traffic accident claims can help the victims of road accidents and it is their right. Keep it in mind that many a times it is not the driver’s fault, it can be fault of any other person who probably was walking without following traffic rules or passenger who got into an accident due to the driver’s irresponsibility. So if you are that driver who is not responsible for the accident, you can surely ask for compensation and if you are the driver who is responsible for the accident then get ready for paying compensation. Both the side of the coins should be remembered by the drivers.

Using mobile phone is a big no while driving. Driving is such a tricky job that one need to concentrate totally while driving. You cannot talk and drive. Park your car or vehicle and then finish talking if it’s emergency and then again start driving, no two ways about it. Many might suggest Bluetooth but skip even that as much as possible.

Avoid road rage, it is not a competition which you have to win by any means. Road rage is common among drivers but if you are responsible and following rules you will follow the traffic rules and ignore road rage because a sudden anger or a certain urge of winning a nonexistent competition is not worth losing lives or being handicapped for life.

Be safe and keep others safe that should be the one and only motto while driving. If every driver, passenger and even people walking on footpath follows the rule without any mistake the risk factor of going one place to another will not cause stress. If a life is gone it can’t be brought back, if a body part is injured it will cause a lot of pain, it will hamper not only the person but also the whole family. Getting a mere compensation or paying a compensation cannot be enough so follow traffic rules. If even after all this accident occurs one need to keep in mind that demanding compensation is one’s right, so demand it.