Car manufacturers are currently trying to develop ways of making it easier for car owners to upgrade their cars as they keep on catching up with the latest technology. Before changing a tire, m14x1.5 lug nuts should be taken into consideration.

This has led to creating a new concept known as ‘plug and play’. This method makes it possible for car owners to upgrade their cars easily. New car models are expected to come up in the next few years to adhere to this concept.

The basic idea is to install extra hardware onto the car’s mainframe. This would be able to communicate with a user’s smartphone device.

Below are some of the expected 2022 car upgrades that you should know about:

Collision avoidance system

Car manufacturers are currently trying to come up with ways of reducing the rate at which fatal car accidents occur. While some of this has been due to human error, most of it is blamed on driver distractions.

Most car manufacturers are now focused on improving the collision avoidance system. It would involve installing new hardware to enable drivers to avoid an impending collision.

Some of the hardware that would be used in this upgrade include forward-facing cameras and sensors. It is similar to the Lidar technology that Google uses on some cars.

Navigation system

Most car manufacturers are now offering inbuilt navigation systems. This aims to make it easier for drivers to find the shortest route to their destination without smartphone or tablet devices.

A rise in popularity is projected as more automobile owners embrace connectivity features. With this system, drivers will benefit from enhanced voice control and navigation.

Multi-purpose display

This may be similar to the head-up display technology used in modern cars. However, this upgrade is expected to allow drivers to display different functions on their screens. This may include using a smartphone, information from the car’s navigation system or even a rearview camera.

Self-driving technology

Most car manufacturers are expected to come up with self-driving technology by 2022. This technology will allow the car to operate independently without human input.

This is expected to be a significant upgrade since drivers will have their hands free, especially while driving in traffic. It would also promote increased safety on our roads.

The biggest challenge with self-driving technology is the high rate of driver distraction. If drivers cannot keep their hands on the wheel, they may get bored and use their smartphones.

This is one of the key reasons why most car manufacturers are expected to develop hands-free control for their steering wheels. This way, drivers can easily navigate traffic without concentrating too much on the road.

Driverless parking technology

This is another feature that will make it easier for drivers to operate their cars. In addition, most car manufacturers are expected to develop driverless parking technology by 2022.

This technology will allow drivers to park independently without using the pedals or any other form of manual operation. This will reduce the chances of accidents usually recorded in parking lots.

Virtual assistants

The world is moving towards a computerized world where everything is automated. For example, car manufacturers are now looking for ways of integrating virtual assistants into their cars to complete simple tasks without using the computer in the office.

These assistants will be able to schedule meetings, make calls and even read emails on behalf of their users. Btw, you don’t need any virtual assistant with choosing the right roads. Use this app  Uproad to pay for toll fees. Save a lot of time and money. 

Wireless charging

This is a famous 2022 upgrade that you should consider for your car. It’s currently being tested by major companies such as Volkswagen, Audi, GM and BMW. This technology allows for the transfer of power using wireless charging.

It’s important to consider that the technology is not yet perfected, which means that it will be pretty expensive when it comes into the market. However, it’s expected that this feature will charge electric vehicles up to 85%.


There will be plenty of car upgrades in the coming years. Some of these will include safety features, while others will allow drivers to have a hands-free experience. These upgrades are expected to make driving more fun and less stressful.