Have you ever thought about what will happen if your car breakdowns in the middle of the road? You can always call a mechanic, but that is not something you should rely on because if your car stops working on a highway far from the town calling a mechanic won’t be an option. That is why it is recommended that you always keep some emergency items in your toolbox to save yourself from any hassle.

Having some of the necessary emergency tools in your trunk can save you from a lot of hassle and can help you fic the situation. Below I have mentioned some of the most important emergency items that you must keep in your car all the time.

Toolbox Kit

Having a toolbox kit that contains general tools like pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc., can come in really handy if your car breaks down. These are the small tools that can help you open your car and fix any small issue that is causing the problem.

You should also have items like duct tape, oil, and brake fluid as you might need them too in case of an emergency.

It is strictly advised that you keep all your tools in a toolbox and then put them in your trunk. Never put the tools openly as they can get damaged or damage your trunk. You can also buy aluminum storage boxes as they are a great way of protecting your car tools.

Jumper Cables

Jump cables can help you save the day if your car is not starting. Monitoring the health of your car’s battery is never easy, and it can give up on you unexpectedly. In such a scenario, a jumper cable can help you start your car without having to replace the battery on the spot.

However, you will need another car’s assistance, too, as you cannot jump-start the battery without a power source. Jumper cables allow you to connect your car battery to another’s car battery and helps you start the car.

First Aid Kit

Keeping a first aid kit in your car is extremely important. Accidents happen unannounced, and you will need immediate medical care if you get into one. You can buy the first aid kit available at drug stores, or you can simply make one of your own.

If you are making your own kit, make sure to keep antibiotics, gauze, cotton swabs, bandages, pain relievers, and sanitizer.

You must also keep any medication that you or any of your family members take for any condition.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a flat tire or engine malfunction; if your car breaks down you might have to dirty your hands a bit. That is why it is advised you always keep a clean pair of gloves in your car. You don’t turn your palms black while fixing your car, especially if you have any important meeting to get to.

It is recommended that you buy thick gloves that can protect you against chemicals and will allow you to touch hot surfaces.