The Personal Property Secure Register (PPSR) is a register maintained in Australia to help the citizens buy or sell second-hand property and goods. There are many advantages in getting PPR Search done by a professional and reliable company for a nominal fee. If you are in the market for a used car and any other product, then you must find out the antecedents of the car before you spend your hard-earned money.

What information does the PPSR search report contain?

The benefits of PPSR search are many, for both the seller and buyer of second-hand products or property. The search has a common goal – that of preventing any controversies between the two parties involved in the used car (or other property/goods) deal. You can get the following information from the search report:

  • A detailed history of the previous owners of the goods,
  • Current ownership status,
  • Loan or other financial details,
  • Accurate market value for similar products,
  • Correct date of manufacture and warranty status, and more,
  • The Vehicle Identification Number, chassis number, description,
  • Registration information,
  • Checks that were written-off on the loans.

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A quick PPSR search carried out by professionals will safeguard your interests, irrespective of whether you are selling the second-hand car of buying one. The search will give you fast access to information at a low fee. The comprehensive reports generated are easy to understand and have all the details about the car so that there is no fear of misinformation or misunderstanding about the odometer readings, age, debt status, etc.

Another advantage of the search is that the report will show clearly if the car has met with an accident at any time. All details about the damage, repairs carried out and the relevant cost, third-party involvement, injuries, litigations, etc. that were recorded at the time are available in the PPSR search report that is generated.

As a buyer, it is a sticky situation if you have to verify the seller’s claims about a vehicle. The procedure that the agency will follow on your request will also involve a thorough Revs Check on the car. Revs stands for Registration of Encumbered vehicles and the PPSR report will contain information if there are unpaid loans against the vehicle. If you buy an encumbered car, you will not only have to pay more for it than the market value but you will also have the burden of paying off the loan.

Besides cars and motor vehicles, the agency can generate PPSR search reports for real estate, livestock, artworks and antiques, stocks, copyrights, etc. You will find that it is the fastest, most reliable and comprehensive report that removes all concerns and worries while buying second-hand property. It protects your money against fraudulent dealers and false claims.

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