As we talk about construction technology, what can we expect in the future? Can we finally bid goodbye to noisy construction and say hello to overall efficiency– where it’s possible to build a building in just a matter of months, instead of years.

Though, aside from that, here is the top 10 futuristic construction technology that will reshape the industry.

1. 3D Printed Houses

Who’s not familiar with 3D printing? This innovation has gotten mainstream, and now, even houses can be 3D printed because there’s a 3D printer large enough capable of building a house!

This was first invented by a Dutch architecture firm, and the Chinese company is slowly making their version of it.

2. Smart Roads

There are self-driving cars, intelligent safety cones, and GPS, however, that’s not all. One of the most exciting ideas that seem to be too futuristic, yet already happening, would be a roadway capable of recharging vehicles.

The pavement will turn into a power pad where it can wirelessly charge parked electric cars.

3. Transparent Aluminum

These are used in glass-walked scrapers that doesn’t require a lot of internal support. Experts describe this as “clear metal,” which was initially used in military buildings where thin transparent windows are highly preferred.

Now, the transparent aluminum, better known as ALON, is a space-age material that could be used whenever it’s ideal.

4. Self Healing Concrete

Concrete is widely used in the construction industry, and it’s also one of most consumed substances there is. How beautiful it’s going to be if concrete will be able to ‘fix’ itself? Well, this has been made possible by combining sodium silicate with cement.

Wherein, when the cracks start to appear, the capsules break down and produce a substance that would harden and seal the crack.

5. Permeable Concrete

Permeable concrete is made of more substantial grains of sand and rock, leaving between 15-35% of open space in the pavement. That’s why it’s the perfect alternative to asphalt in parking lots as it decreases runoff, and the light color reflects sunlight quite well.

6. Robot Swarm Construction

The termites were the inspiration behind the robot swarm construction. These are small construction robotics programmed to work together as a swarm, which means tasks are carried out efficiently. This technological innovation is often used when building walls, and pipelines.

7. Aerogel Insulation

This is an almost weightless type of insulation that can be spun into thin sheets and works as a “super-insulator” because its porous structure ensures that the heat wouldn’t quickly pass through.

8. Temperature Reactive Tiles

These are decorative tiles coated with thermochromic paint that reacts with temperature. At normal temperature, the tiles are black, but when hit by direct sunlight, it transforms into another color.

9. Robotics Applications

As we talk about construction automation, robotics application is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Now, it’s possible to use robots to replace work that humans traditional have to accomplish. That’s why investors are starting to put millions of dollars developing robots that wouldn’t only enhance productivity, but safety as well.

10. Drones for Site Monitoring

Of course, drones are one of the greatest technological inventions. This can be used for site inspections and inventory management.

Likewise, surveyors can utilize GPS to cross-section piles of materials and figure out their quantity. Since drones have cameras, they can get this information in just a matter of minutes.

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