“Coastwide Service Centre Mobile Roadworthy and Air Conditioning” is number 1 on the Gold Coast for anyone needing their auto certification for safety. They also do:

Services offered

They offers a service that allows more suppleness to their clients, they do servicing and repairs to suit all requirements, and use only the most advanced technologies to ensure a professional result each time. They are best available to certify or repair auto air conditionings. They offer a price that is best in the region of the Gold Coast, so many make this company their choice when needing car repairs that are reliable for safety certificates and repair or certifications on your auto air conditioning.

60 years-experiences

Coastwide has collective experience of over 60 years in assorted fields and areas; from the largest of mining truck to motorcycle and all in between. They also attempt to offer their customers with the best service on their cars at a good price and have it as an easy process from beginning to end while offering exceptional customer service.

Diverse mechanical service

The company also offers diversified mechanical service where customers do not need to go anywhere else for any additional services. They cater all repairs and servicing under the same roof and the mobile service also cango to you at home or work if necessary.

Quick response

For a reliable and quick response contact them. Their goal is to help their customers with necessary services and repairs complete entire at the customer’s convenience.

Correct choice

This is the business that is the correct place if your lifestyle is quite busy. They complete Roadworthy certificates of safety when you have your auto within the range of the Gold Coast. With so much knowledge in the industry of automotive, the company has widespread data of the necessities for the Queensland Main Roads registration needs and will carry a complete inspection for safety certificate inspection.


The company is always authorized to offer Roadworthy Safety Certificate for all types of vehicles in Queensland area. You will also get 100% guarantee for:

  • Air conditioning
  • Roadworthy safety
  • Car Service
  • Car repair
  • Mobile service
  • Customer sanctification

You Get Our 100% Guarantee