Imagine yourself in this situation: You just gifted yourself a nice little vehicle that you’ve been rolling pennies and banking your crypto on and finally..FINALLY the day has come to realize your unicorn dream: Your new car. You drive home. You get out. You glance down at the door in your dream haze and notice a little indentation- could it be? You just got the car!

Yes. It is. It’s a dent. And your new princess is permanently ruined.

Or is it.

Enter PDR/ aka Metal sculpting my artisans or Paintless Dent Repair as it is known in secret circles of automotive stardom.

PDR takes just a few weeks to learn and with a little more practice one can attack the car market with skills and fervor. An average PDR Technician services dealers, rental car agencies and the general public,. all with great upside. The work is clean, simple and almost zero overhead. And it’s healthy and environmentally conscious too.

An experienced Paintless Dent Repair tech can work just 6-7 hours a day and 4-5 days a week and make a great full-time income.

Great income meaning 6 figs. Some even reach 7 annually. As in millions.

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Here is a recent student review from two students who came to California from Taiwan to learn PDR:

John and Tim came out to learn PDR and chose SAI due to our comprehensive hands-on PDR Training conducted on trucks, SUV’s, luxury vehicles, aluminum panels and training inside and outside in all lighting circumstances. They wanted as much hands-on experience they could get so they could return back to Taipei with enough experience so their studio would be well staffed and prepared for the customers already waiting for them.

Tim explains: “ we wanted to come to the USA and learn from the Master. Mr Brian is an accomplished PDR tech and he showed us the ropes and for this we are eternally grateful.”

The PDR Training started off in the SAI War Room where all PDR Essentials start, and then the paintless dent repair training continued outdoors on customer cars. They repaired all different types of dents and dings from creases, bodyline dents, hail dents, braced dents, sharp dent and oversized large dents. They wrapped up learning PDR on over 10 vehicles and returned back home with skills to attack their customer cars immediately instead of waiting to practice months like most schools require.

John and Tim’s experience is not unique. Not even close.

People come to learn Paintless Dent Repair from around the world and often return home ready to start pushing metal and making money.

For more information contact Superior Auto Institute at 1-888-274-6088

For a dent repair near you hit up google and search PDR near me.

And don’t cry the next time your unicorn is smashed- there is light at the end of the tunnel.