If you have ever wondered what some of your favorite Disney characters would look like if they were on the set of Cars, then wonder no longer. You can read about them here

Woody would be portrayed as a Ford F100 because of his reliable and loyal features. the Ford F100 has become known as America’s favorite pickup truck.

Buzz Lightyear would be matched with the Infinity Q30. the name says it all. Buzz has been known to say, “to infinity and beyond,” quite often. enough said.

Mr. Incredible would be the Land Rover Discovery LR4. He is known for his strength and superhuman strength and this car is one of the world’s most versatile SUVs.

Heimlich the green caterpillar could easily go as the Bi-Articulated Bus. The bus has been specifically designed to transport many passengers and is a lot like the greedy caterpillar who was always getting full.

Dory our favorite fish with the forgetful memory would be a Plymouth Prowler. The fish although forgetful had a heart of gold and the car, although adventurous is a little lacking in the area of speed.

Carl Frederickson is known as the cranky old man on the movie Up and the Ford Super Deluxe is his car. When the roof is down it is a lot like the house high in the sky-ready to take off.

Edna Mode is the trendy Fiat 500. The car is fashionable and funky just like Edna.

Wall-E is the Google Self-Driving Car because both are very high tech and has a mind of their own. Both are very futuristic and adventurous.

So, there you have it-your favorite Disney characters as cars. The characters are very similar to their car counterparts and they both have personalities that would compliment each other. Now they only need to star in the next Cars movie. It would be really fun to see them all together on the set and how they would interact.

Image Source: ClickMechanic, https://www.clickmechanic.com/infographics/alternative-pixar-cars