Modern cars are now complemented by the indicator lights of the occurrence of the damage to one of the vehicle’s systems. The indicator light located on the instrument panel with speedometer and tachometer. Learn about the meaning of the indicator light of your car in order to understand what is happening and do the anticipation is needed.

  1. Indicator light machine

Under normal conditions, this indicator light will turn on when entering the key and rotate it in standby condition. And while you’re on-starter, this indicator light lights up then die as car sounds heard. derum But when the distarter condition of the indicator light remains lit despite the sound of the engine reads, there is an indication of problems that occur either on the machine or the electrical car. The meaning of the indicator light check engine is beneficial to know the problem from the beginning. If you understand the machine, to check its own problem, but if not, then leave it on expert.

  1. Indicator light seat belt

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Security in the drive is the most important thing. Therefore, the output of automotive products each have complete seat belt indicator with sound markers. Purpose is to make car users can know kealpaannya. Indicator lights and sounds generally will light up when the driver and passengers in the stool next to him has yet to install a seat belt.

  1. The indicator light fuel

If the indicator light is lit, it means that the fuel in the tank is too little and almost exhausted. Typically, this sign lights up when the contents of the tank is left seperdelapannya. There are two conditions warning: red lights on or flashing. Immediately fill the FUEL to GAS STATIONS nearby so as not to run out of.

  1. The indicator light fuel oil

When the oil pressure is less, then the indicator light will automatically turn on. The shape of the light is like water drops, and will turn red if it turned out that the oil problem. If imposed, the impact the car’s engine will be quickly broken and made its performance less than optimal. Remember, the condition of the oil volume on the machine must be stable to the health of your car’s engine. If the indicator light is turned on, immediately perform the addition or replacement of oil.

  1. The indicator light temperature

The heat of the engine will make this indicator light lights up. To overcome this problem turn off air conditioning, lights, and entertainment system in your car. Pulled over and contact mechanics of official workshops. If you want to add a proactive liquid cooling, wait at least 30 minutes until the radiator cooler.

Of course, in addition to the five indicator light above, there are many other indicators that you should understand as best as possible. Read the manual provided the manufacturer of your car. By understanding the meaning of the indicator light on the car, you will get a warranty of ride comfort, while keeping you from things you don’t want on the go.

Written by Toyota Release