If you have planned to give up your car and buy a motorbike and you live in London motorcycle training is an absolute must. Learning from the experts how to ride properly has the following benefits:

Better Fuel Efficiency

With the high cost of driving a car in the capital, many motorbike drivers are choosing a scooter or motorbike to make their fuel budget go a lot further. You can enjoy much better fuel efficiency on a bike than you would in your car.

Cheaper Insurance

Adequate motorbike insurance can be purchased for around £500 per year, as opposed to car insurance which can often cost drivers £1000 or more each year. Of course, the design and type of the bike, the size of its engine and your overall driving record will affect the exact rate of your motorbike insurance, but you can assume it will be quite a lot lower than your car insurance policy.

Hard to Reach Spots

Riding a motorbike allows you to ride down a narrow alleyway or a dirt road, and weave in and out of traffic. If you are driving to work in your car, you don’t have that same flexibility.

Free Parking

Many parking spots don’t require bikes to pay, and free parking all over town can be another big appeal for anyone thinking of getting rid of the car and buying a motorbike.

Easy to Clean

Of course you don’t need to worry about cleaning and vacuuming the inside of your motorbike, meaning that it is a lot easier and takes a lot less time to keep your bike looking clean as it would your car.

Learning to Ride a Motorbike

If you are interested in taking either the CBT training course for riders or having the full motorbike training course, you can take advantage of wither programme for a reasonable fee. A written test as well as an actual bike riding test are included in the full motorbike training test, whereas the CBT training focuses on the correct way to turn, and the rules of the road in general.

It’s easy to register for London motorbike training, and it can be done quickly online; you can even meet your instructors before taking any actual lessons. The proper training will allow you to get the most of owning a motorbike in London and being able to get to work faster and more efficiently.