When you get the urge to purchase a bike, it is not easy to shake it off. Although the desire might be persistent, not everyone has thousands of dollars stashed up ready to purchase a brand-new bike. If you are looking to purchase a budget-price friendly bike, then you have to conduct research to get the best bike for the right price. This guide is going to give you several tips on how to purchase a cheap but highly reliable motorbike.

Don’t go for looks when choosing a budget bike

Dispose of any thoughts of purchasing a new Ducati or an MV Agusta Brutale; these bikes are expensive, and for your first bike, these are not good options to go for various reasons. You might also have it rough when looking for parts of the bikes although you can search in places like husqvarna spares. For expensive bikes, you don’t want to drop an Agusta after spending all your savings. This does not mean that you should go for an entirely ugly motorbike.

Let us dive into five rules that you need to follow when purchasing a motorcycle:

Avoid purchasing a bike that is more than 10 years old

Old muscle bikes are great to look at, and the rumble the engine produces is something that most people admire to listen to when the bike is on the streets. For old bikes, their biggest disadvantage is that they fall apart easily. Limit your research to bikes that were manufactured within the last decade. Although you will get cheaper bikes that are 15 or 20 years old, they are very expensive to maintain.

Purchase popular or unpopular motorcycles

You can either go for very popular bikes that are in large numbers in the market or unpopular bikes that very few people have heard about. You can get cheap bikes on both sides of the spectrum.

Get a better deal by purchasing used motorcycles

When you go for a used bike, you have plenty of room to negotiate, although there are a couple of downsides to this option. One of the downfalls is that you have no warranties or guarantees, although you can use husqvarna spares to get replacement parts. This is a huge concern especially if you are not a mechanical person and cannot identify what to fix when the bike breaks down. To counter this setback, tag along with a mechanical friend when you go to make the bike purchase.

Do not buy salvaged or totalled motorcycles

There are cheap bikes available that insurance companies have totalled and sold back to the owners or to other parties. These salvage bikes are often sold at half their original prices because they are a gamble. Avoid these options because you might not notice the issue with the bikes. Always insist to purchase a bike that has a new title.

Save some money for training and for your gear

As much as you are planning to purchase a motorcycle, it is vital to get the right gear that will make you ride the motorbike safely and comfortably. Additionally, training how to ride a bike is equally important if you are making your first bike purchase. Research on a good place you can receive proper training and enrol. The riding skills you are going to learn will last forever, and this is what is going to help you stay safe during your riding years. Always ensure you save enough for this stage.