Camping is amazing, whether your trip is going to be big or small! One of the very best things about the outdoors lifestyle is that it can be adjusted and customised to suit literally anyone who’s looking to get out there and start camping. Whether you’re a first timer looking to start small or you’re a bit of a pro who’s looking to downsize to live a more streamlined camping life, these tips, tricks and pointers are going to come in very handy. Follow this guide to finding a small camper trailer and for downsizing your camping process…

Choosing Your Small Size Camper Trailer…

Shopping for an affordable lightweight trailer is easy once you’ve made the right considerations and decisions! In order to land that compact capacity camper sooner rather than later it’s important to…

Shop Compact

You need to keep your eye on the smaller side of things in order to direct yourself towards trailers that are going to be suitable for your needs. Shop from reputable Aussie-made camper trailer providers that are able to accommodate your small scale requirements. It’s all well and good getting swept up in the wide and wonderful world of camper trailers, however, this is only going to confuse your search. Stay on the straight, small and narrow to get yourself closer to your dream camper trailer sooner rather than later. It’s best to begin your search with your size requirements.

Consider your Future

Next, you should have a think about your size requirements both now and into your future. Maybe you’re planning on growing your family somewhere down the line? That is very much worth factoring into your camper trailer size selection. So too is whether you love to host guests and recruit new members of your camping clan to join you on your outside ventures, whether you want furry friends to come along for the ride and whether you plan on expanding your collection of camping kit down the line. Factoring in your future makes your camper trailer purchase truly timeless.

Look at Hard Floor vs Soft Floor Options

Soft floor camper trailers can be a good option if you’re really unsure of your size needs. This is because you can zip on extra rooms and storage spaces as you go. Soft floor campers are somewhat tent-like and they sit on the floor, so they don’t give you that comfortable home away from home feeling that hard floor camper trailers offer up. Hard floor models are best for longer term durability, safety, comfort and convenience.

Now that you’ve found your ideal mini model it’s time to follow a few small size camper packing pointers…

Determine the Essentials

Streamline your packing process by determining what is and what isn’t essential. Once you’re agreed on what is a non-negotiable for your trip, you can start by packing the vitals. Once you’re all done with the essentials, you can spy how much room you have for those items that you don’t need, but you want.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Roll your clothes, stash undies inside of shoes and pick threads that are as multifunctional as possible to minimise the bulk of your personals.

Decant Everything

Decant all of your essential cooking ingredients like your oil, salt, pepper and spices into smaller travel bottles. You can also do this with shampoo, soaps, toothpaste and anything else you like to travel with.

Create a System

Creating a colour coded packing system or your own little map around your bags helps you to source your stuff when it’s all jammed away.

Ready for your small but mighty camping trip?