When making any investment the golden rule is stick to buying a classic car you want and like. If you’re reading this then I am guessing your choice is the iconic British classic the Morgan Car.

If your purchase motives are based purely on investment and just sheer enjoyment, then you have picked a great classic. Buying vintage cars is not like playing the stock market, its far more satisfying than a piece of paper, investing in a Morgan car is where your investment gives back a lot of enjoyment, can’t take a piece of paper or an oil painting for a quick spin on a beautiful summers afternoon to your favourite pub!

Your Morgan can become, and will become the most exciting investment your likely to make in your life! Anyone looking to make there investment purely upon monetary returns is very much overlooking the potential a Morgan car offers.

Classic cars have of late seen a surge of interest, which means for those of us who are looking to get some action and start investing in their first vehicle, this investment is one that is pointing towards stability. If you have a budget of £40,000 and below you’re in for a nice treat as this is where the markets deals are being done.

So, without further ado – here’s our top tips for buying a classic Morgan car for under £40,000 to make a steady profit!

  1. Golden Rule – Buy What Appeals to You

Like with any investment or collectable, choose a type of Morgan that screams buy me!

It might be a colour, model or engine that takes your fancy. Looking at your investment from a personal perspective rather than thinking of your Morgan car as an avenue for profit will serve you well. Stick to a budget, don’t go overboard. Some real bargains are to be had like this Morgan car 1990’s Plus 8, in Ford dark blue with only 33,000 miles on the clock is going for a mere £28,000 (well with-in budget). The pure logic to follow is even if your car does not make a huge amount of profit financially, you will undoubtedly still have gotten back your monies worth and a whole heap of memories and fun to go along with it.

  1. Don’t Beat Around the Bush – Consider Every Aspect of the Car

It might look pretty to the eye, but unfortunately for some visual appeal is not always the safest bet. Lots of dealers inflate prices as they know these cars have so much emotional attachment in terms of look and style. Be sure to look at every avenue you can, auction houses, valuation guides, Morgan Main dealer listings and classified listings. Does your homework before you leap in head first. Morgan owners are usually always ready to help and led a hand, so it’s worth browsing the online forums and check out the many clubs that exist worldwide for Morgan lovers

  1. Always Buy Your Morgan From a Respectable Source

For a first-time purchases try to avoid buying from classified listings unless of course you’re a seasoned expert. The likes of crags list, gumtree and the alike are where some of the highest rates of car fraud are carried out, always be aware of anyone looking to take a deposit for a car without going through the proper channels and a NEUTRAL third party, like a lawyer.

  1. Always stay in Budget & Buy a Morgan you can afford!

Golden Rule – don’t take on a project which you can’t afford. By that I mean a vehicle which looks a bargain on paper but in reality would raise some serious questions.

Morgan cars are a classic that often means they might require some TLC and restoration. As is the case with purchasing any used vehicle make sure you can take it for a test drive. Having a Morgan car restored or otherwise repainted can be an excessively costly venture. These vehicles have been hand crafted for more than 100 years by experts, so don’t even consider that buying a Morgan can be a hobby to tinker around with in the garage, unless of course you’re very adept with the workings of the vehicle, its history and originality.

  1. Be Sure to Not Overlook the Vehicles History

Keep a keen eye out for originality, do you research into the chosen model you look to purchase. Vehicles produced in fewer numbers often mean the greater the worth to collectors. Research or ask an expert into the manufacturer’s numbers for production of that model – Limited numbers means greater profits in the long term.

Makes sure you obtain a direct paper trail for the vehicles history, geniality and current owner. Sales contracts, owner’s manuals, service history, restoration history, sales receipts are all vital assets that should be disclosed with the vehicle and lastly verify the mileage.

  1. Make Sure your investments Properly Insured

Your average high street insurer normally won’t touch classic or vintage cars. You will need to consider a specialist insurer. More often than not, your local Morgan car dealer will be able to make a great recommendation for speciality collectable Morgan car insurance.

You will be surprised at just how affordable a policy can be, however it does come with some drawbacks. The most significant is not using your car for your daily shop or commute and restrictive annual mileage! Most policies require one other car registered per household to assure other options for regular use exist.

Lastly make sure you enjoy your investment!

No matter the cost, make sure you do your Morgan car the honour of going out for a spin whenever weather permits. This is the experts’ sure fire rule to keep that engine ticking over.