Are you going nuts about the fact that you don’t have a good credit score? Has your car broken down completely and you don’t have enough cash to get a new one? Do you think that it is better to opt for a new car than to repair the old one? Do you think you can do in that situation? Yes you can still buy a car with no credit score or a very low credit history. Let us look at some of the steps, which will help you to purchase a car even with a low credit score.

Once you have finished comparing the prices of the various brands of the car and opted for some of the test drive, you have finally reached the conclusion to pick the perfect car for you. Everything is almost done. All you need is just sign the piece of paper and the car is all yours. But have you arrange for the finance for your car? Do you need a car loan for it? Do you have a good credit history? If not, try to improve your credit score now. Unfortunately with no credit history or low credit score it becomes difficult to purchase a car. The car lenders consider your credit score as your potential to pay the instalments in proper time. But then does that mean that you cannot purchase a car with no credit score?

There are some steps, which will help you to break the shackles of difficulty and purchase a new car.


If an individual with a good credit score signs your application saying that he is willing to take the responsibility of paying your instalments in case you fail to pay them timely, you may get a car loan in that case. Remember that once an individual signs the application with you, any default from your end will take him to trouble.

Larger down payment

The chances of approving a loan also depend on the amount that you are willing to borrow. If you agree to increase that down payment amount, you may likely get the car loan approved. But the interest rate charged for such loans is extremely high.

Look for various alternatives

There are some lenders who offer loans to individuals with no credit individuals without checking their credit history. This is known as no credit check car loan. You can definitely check with them to see if their criteria matches with yours.

So, without a good credit score, you can still manage to avail a car loan with the help of the procedures discussed above. However if you have a good credit score you can always ok for some good potential lenders act affordable interest rates. If it’s not emergency, it is suggested that you make good efforts to build your credit score and then apply for the car . This way you can manage to have a car paying for the low rate of interest per month.