Those who were born back when the world appreciated Ford’s Model T are not as likely to love the concept of advanced cars that fit into several categories of the market. However, Lamborghini has put in every ounce of effort to persuade those who have not yet found their ‘ideal car’, to fall in love with the Urus SUV.

What is the Urus?

Unlike many other sports car manufacturers in the industry, Lamborghini has found a way to combine astounding supercar performance with the body of a large SUV. This unlikely combination is quite intriguing. You could think of the new Urus as the ultimate supercar SUV – sort of.

What’s it Like?

Although you would expect a sporty interior, just like the kind you would normally find in the iconic Gallardo supercar, Lamborghini’s Urus is more of the luxurious sort if anythinag. For an SUV, the Urus feels and looks very much like a Range Rover Evoque, while featuring some of the same materials found in the most popular luxury vehicles in the UK. And, when you are sat behind the wheel of the new SUV, you are certainly made aware that you are in the comfort of a Lamborghini with the company’s signature displayed on the dash being a dead giveaway!

How Much Are They?

Since the new Urus SUV is Lamborghini’s latest addition to the family, it’s not exactly going to come as cheap. To get yourself an example of the luxury Urus SUV, you’re talking at least £164,950 or in some cases, more depending on the colour and spec you go for. However, it’s entirely down to you to decide whether you think the investment would be worthwhile. It is hard to deny that the model’s unique combination of sheer power and practicality is appealing.