As winter draws near it is important to know that your car is capable of dealing with the intemperate weather.  There are lots of winter car protection guide to guarantee you don’t get caught out because your vehicle is not winter ready.

Whatever winter throws at your car as you drive; be it hail, snow, salt, ice or wind, a winter ready car should be able to withstand all these. Certain parts of your car are particularly vulnerable to cold weather and are given utmost attention here. This includes the battery, antifreeze, tires, windshield wipers, windshield washer fluid, and heater/blower. Beware that effectiveness and safety should not be undermined because of cost or neglect.

Windshield Wipers

A snowy day is all it takes to unmask worn-out wipers. Clear windshields are only realistic when you install new wiper blades both in front and back, if your vehicle comes with both. They are cheap and easy to install. You may not only need to replace worn out rubber blades, the connector that supplies pressure to the blades keeping it in line with the windshield may be worn-out too.

There are also specially designed blades for winter driving. As part of their customer satisfaction policy Crystal Clear Blades offers a wide range of heated wiper blades and offer free installation.

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Windshield Washer Fluid

Get a windshield washer fluid designed for driving in subzero temperatures, opt for the antifreeze option regardless of its color. Using an ordinary washer fluid would be counterproductive because it will freeze up immediately it’s applied due to the low temperatures and this will impair your vision even more.

Inspect the washer fluid nozzle as it should be free from clog. A washer fluid reservoir filled to capacity will be useless if the fluid can’t get to the windshield Sometimes a simple paper clip can be used to free up a clogged nozzle.

The major benefits of heated windshield include; clearing away ice and condensation  from the windshield, improving visibility and the added benefit of not having to run the heaters or air conditioner to demist the windshield thereby saving gas and minimizing noise levels by eliminating the need for blowers. Heated windshield wipers have a built in element that warms up and melts snow, ice, and prevent the accumulation of fog or crud on wipers which often hampers visibility and are often responsible for accidents in winter.

How to install:  To make your blades pliable and the windshield clear, simply connect the wires and connectors to the appropriate fuse. The fuse is powered when the ignition is turned on. As temperatures drops to sub zero, the heating element automatically kicks in as you’re driving.


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