The electric motor bearings are an important part of all electric motors. Sudden failures may occur but you have to go deep inside and locate the problem at the root. Overworked machines may fail when you do not lubricate the bearings as stress disrupts the functioning of the metal, which eventually fails. Apart from this, the finished surfaces of the motor bearings are often subject to corrosion due to acids, water and other agents. However, lubrication can prevent such attacks. It is equally important to remember that you must never over lubricate the bearings as oil might get trapped in the windings eventually causing deterioration inside the motor. The best option is to use a lubricant that the electric motor bearings suppliers recommend as using the other options can damage the bearings causing them to wear out quickly.

Failure in the bearings

Bearings in the electric motor parts may fail due to various reasons, but make sure the load that is attached to the motor if properly aligned as it can cause in the balance of rotations thereby straining the bearings of the motor. Try to keep the machine free from moisture and contaminants and blow out each motor to ensure that it is free from tiny particles and moisture that might be present on the bearings. Checking the temperature at regular intervals allow you to understand whether the machine maintains the safe temperature range. When the machine becomes too hot, you must stop it immediately to prevent the bearings from getting destroyed.

Sound and oil rings

When you hear uncanny sounds in the machine and the motor, it is necessary to inspect it to find out the part from which the sound is coming.  Even if you do not hear any sound, you can check the motor and the bearings periodically as part of preventive maintenance. Checking the oil rings or the play in the shaft allows you to check the defects in the bearings.