If you are a car enthusiast, any scratches, grimes, stains, or dirt on your vehicle will break your heart. Polishing and waxing your car occasionally has been the go-to remedy to keep it shiny. Have you thought about shifting to ceramic coating instead? Ceramic coating is a polymer-based solution on the exterior of your car to protect its paint. To put it into simple words, it is a modern alternative to polishing.

The ceramic coating might cost you some extra bucks than polishing, though. Here, please try to understand that price is different from the cost. While the price is only the amount you are spending, the cost is the added time and efforts attached to the price. Certain factors will go into computing the cost of a ceramic coating. Here, they are.

Preparation Work

The process begins with some basic prep work. This will include washing the vehicle, ripping down the old paint, polishing treatments if required, and finally wiping.

Labour Charges

The cost of professional coating majorly depends on the labour charges. From the prep work to the final, finishing touch, the professionals are skilled with every step of the coating process.

Supplies Used

The cost of ceramic coating also depends on the type of coating that you have opted for. There are also additional materials associated with the cost of application and installation purposes. These include the washing kits, polishing kits, clay bars, IPA spray, etc.


 Many professionals will charge based on the layers applied in the coating process, and the price increases with additional layers. These additional layers offer added protection to the paint and make the car look glossier.

Size of Vehicle

The coating cost may depend on the size of the vehicle as well; the bigger the vehicle, the larger the price.


Durability is the most critical factor determining the cost. The price may go higher with the additional warranty of the ceramic coating. The additional layers of the coat may last you longer than the others.


After the ceramic coating, your car will require a certain amount of time and effort for the aftercare process. That may include washing the car at least twice a week. If you choose professional services for the aftercare process, such as car washing or polishing spray, it will affect the cost.


Many professional ceramic coating companies provide various packages that you can choose from. The price of these packages depends on – coating material or brand, size of the vehicle, layers of coating, the durability of the coating, and aftercare services. These packages are the deciding elements of the cost of ceramic coating.


The coating process cannot be done in a mobile environment. All the steps need to be performed in a workshop, which is again a component in the cost.

Choosing a professional will take care of the steps and services that your car will need in the coating process. You can also inquire with the coating professionals if the aftercare services are provided by them until the ceramic coating warranty will last.