You would think booking a driving test would be an incredibly easy process. But unfortunately, it’s not. Waiting times have been getting worse and worse over the years Up to four months in some locations. Despite a huge wait of up to four months in Nottingham, the test centre is under review to be closed down too. The pressures of this specific test centre will just go onto another test centre. The DVSA have been saying year on year that they are doing all they can to reduce the waiting times, yet year on year they continue to increase. Whether it’s poor management or the UK’s current economic state – who knows.

Currently, around 30% of students pass their driving test the first time. So this is an average of nearly three tests having to be taken before an average student passes. So, if the learner is from Nottingham or London for example, where waiting times are at a notorious high, this could be 12 months sitting around waiting for driving test dates until they passed. Not only that, students will have to keep the skills they have learnt fresh in their mind, meaning, they will have to continue to pay their driving instructor £20-£25 per hour until their next test date. This literally means students may have to pay in the thousands purely to pass their driving test due to the current conditions in the DVSA.

Is there a way of reducing the wait?

We have been exploring ways you could potentially reduce your wait for a driving test.

Book a test before you start your lessons

This method may seem a bit extreme, but if you book your test before you start your lessons, or even after a couple of lessons, by the end of the wait, you will be more than ready to take your test.

Check for cancellations

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you could check the DVSA booking system and hope that a cancellation comes available. A family member tried this method, and unfortunately, they weren’t able to find a cancellation, but this does not mean you won’t – If you have the time, it might be worth the effort.

Use a cancellation checker

There are a couple of cancellation checkers out there; their software automatically looks for dates all day long. So if you’re really serious about getting driving test cancellations in an attempt to pass your driving test quicker – we seriously suggest you try a service like SpeedyTests out. A family friend used a company called SpeedyTests, they charged £16 and were able to find her test within three days. Considering two weeks of waiting will cost you a minimum of £40, I think this is money well spent.