Urban commuting has become one of the nightmares of our daily life. The increase in traffic in our cities means that a significant portion of our life span is being spent in the traffic jam. Of course, taking public transport will help an individual become productive once again, but it does mean losing the convenience of commuting at their desired time. More importantly, public transport lacks the ‘last-mile’ connectivity which was so important in a large city.

What is the Alternative?

If a personal mode of transport like a car or public transport have their disadvantages, what is the alternative for someone who has to commute long distances in the urban traffic? Scooters may be the answer. Compared with a heavy motorcycle, scooters have the ability to provide easy access through some of the worst traffic jams that you may encounter in day-to-day urban commuting. Motorcycles have become immensely advanced in the last few decades, while scooters seemed to be lagging in this regard quite badly.

This has all changed in the last few years with the arrival of several forms of scooters.

Different Types of Scooters

No longer does a person have to choose a mundane gasoline scooter which does not convey any sense of style nor is it really practical. Today, customers can choose between electric and propane powered scooters. Electric scooters come with a lot of advantages like silent running and zero emissions. However, disadvantages far outweigh the advantages and they include the substantially lengthy charge times and less than average range one may expect from inexpensive electric scooters.

In such a scenario, the progo propane powered scooter may seem like a healthy option. They run on propane, which is a far cleaner option than regular gasoline. They are easy to maintain unlike electric scooters, and they do not take a large amount of time to be refuelled. As a result, the range is extremely healthy and riders will not experience any form of range anxiety.

Scooters like Progo 3000 vs Cars

The ultimate competition for any propane powered scooter like Progo 3000 would undoubtedly be the car, which remains a common form of transport for many of us. However, there are so many disadvantages with taking a car into the city that it does not make sense to do it anymore. The biggest disadvantage happens to be the traffic jam and cars occupying a huge space on the road. Unable to go anywhere, people are often stuck with their cars and they are just burning up fuel when they do so. As a result, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle suffers quite badly.

Cars regularly average around 21 mpg in the city and this contributes to a lot of expenses in terms of fuel. The propane powered scooters are not only unaffected by traffic conditions, but they are also extremely efficient. The small engines, lightweight nature, and the ability to keep on going even during tough traffic conditions enable them to work is to provide in excess of 60 mpg in the city. This, though, would only be the worst case scenario, as scooters are commonly known to provide almost 100 mpg.

Propane Scooters – A True Alternative

Propane scooters can truly help a person in urban commuting. They are extremely efficient and can result in several hundred dollars of saving just in terms of fuel alone. More importantly, you may end up saving a lot of time up and down your commute. This could be even more valuable, as it means reduced stress and becoming more productive. Since the cost of owning a propane powered scooter like Progo 3000 is also substantially lower than a car, these funds can be better utilised elsewhere.

Safety aspect of the scooters has improved tremendously in the last few years with improved riding gear. It is a no-brainer that scooters can help urban commuting in a big way.