Around 80 percent of a car can be recycled, which shows how junking is a great solution for older vehicles.

Junking a car lets you generate a quick income, frees up space in your garage, and lets you give you the push to buy the car of your dreams. Perhaps you’ve heard about junking a car, but you’re not sure how to prepare yourself for it.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are six important things to do before junking a car.

  1. Grab Your Belongings 

On average, Americans spend around 17,600 minutes behind the wheel every year.

This makes our vehicle a second home which is likely filled with personal belongings. Because of this, before you start scrapping a car, check the glove compartments and under the seats for any belongings.

  1. Organize Documents

You learned how to junk a car but before giving it the go-ahead, it’s important to organize the paperwork. Having your car title ready lets you easily transfer ownership to the dealer so you won’t be flagged up as a potential thief.

Further, cancel your car’s insurance to avoid paying unnecessary payments throughout the year.

  1. Remove License Plates

You’ve gone to the junkyard because your car keeps breaking down, but there’s a certain etiquette to learn.

For instance, remove your license plates once you’ve handed the vehicle over to the dealership. This is because, in most states, it’s legally required when you apply to cancel the title.

Not sure how to find a reputable dealership? Then Google “cash for junk cars near me“.

  1. Prepare the Metal Beforehand 

Regardless of the car problems you have, it’s important to prepare the metal first. Doing this lets you earn more money, so it mustn’t be overlooked. So, for example, strip any copper wires until there’s no metal surrounding them.

  1. Note the Actual Market Price 

Before handing over your car, research the actual market price for each item. This includes your copper, bearings, and aluminum wheels. When you’re equipped with the numbers, then the junkyard employees are less likely to rip you off.

  1. Shop Around

Like with any business deal, it’s important to shop around until you’re happy with the car scrap prices. As a general rule, visit at least five before choosing the right dealer for you.

You should also familiarize yourself with your car and how much it’s worth. Further, check the dealership’s certifications to ensure that you’re working with honest people. You should also check that the dealer uses a certified weight scale so you get the accurate price for your metal.

Know Everything About Junking A Car

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re comfortable about junking your car.

Make sure you retrieve your belongings from the vehicle, organize your documents, and remove license plates before junking a car. You should also note down the market price of each item, and shop around until you’re happy. Good luck!

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