In the United States, 17 million new vehicles are sold every year, including cars and light trucks.

Whether you purchase a new or a used car, maintenance is part of keeping that car on the road. Having a car maintenance checklist helps keep all tasks separate and organized. As long as you take care of an engine, it could last you decades and thousands of miles.

Here are five tips for creating a checklist that you can feel confident about:

  1. Engines and Fluids

Checking fluids is essential for car maintenance and can prevent the need for car repair. From oil to brake fluid, every one of them has an access point, and most use a dipstick. All you’ll need is a paper towel to dry off the dipstick, return it, then pull it out again to see how much fluid there is.

Consult with the owner’s manual of your vehicle if you have any questions. If you notice that one of the fluids is low, fill it back up to full again. Be careful with oil and coolant to not put in too much, but follow the recommended amount in your manual.

  1. Tires

Tires are important because they affect how well the vehicle can be controlled. They also impact fuel mileage. Make sure to test each tire using a tire pressure gauge to tell you how much air they have in them.

If you notice a tire is low, fill it back up again to the recommended amount of air. Keep an eye on it for a couple of weeks. Make sure it doesn’t keep losing air. You’ll need to take it to a car repair service or put a patch on it yourself if it does.

  1. Check the Lights

Your vehicle has lights that all indicate different things. It would be best to make a habit of ensuring that each light is functioning. Have someone sit in the car, turn on the blinkers, press the brake, put the car in reverse, and check the headlights.

  1. Battery 

It is easy to overlook the battery when it comes to a car preventative maintenance checklist. Ensure it’s not leaking and doesn’t have any signs of corrosion. You’ll know if it stops working because the vehicle won’t start.

  1. The Body of the Car

A quick check around your vehicle should be part of any car maintenance checklist. Make sure that no panels are cracked or dented and that all the doors are shut. You can also check the windows and make sure they go up and down as well as the windshield wipers.

Make sure there are no cracks or damage to any of the windows. If you find something, you’ll need windshield repair. Car repair and maintenance can help you catch minor problems before they become significant.

Car Maintenance Checklist

Each task you put on your car maintenance checklist can save you a ton of money in the long run. Preventing a problem, or fixing it early, is the best way to keep your vehicle running smooth. Don’t hesitate and risk damage.

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