The Auto Transport Canada is the most trusted name in Auto Shipping Service. Lots of people shifting their home every year from one city to another, they need shipping service to deliver safely their vehicle. With more than 20 years of experience in shipping vehicle transport. We have huge team agent locations, the national armada of auto shipping units with supreme class of Auto transport service. We know your antique car, motorcycle, motor home, or luxury vehicle is much precious for you and we provide security, high-level of car and quality service which is the most vital point in car shipping Canada service.

What You Can Expect

If you want to ship you car or home appliance with it, then we also do that too. You can check out Auto Transport Canada offer:

  • All type of automobile shipping in Canada.
  • Personal move synchronization
  • Pick-up and delivery on time
  • Protection coverage for your Vehicle
  • Delivery date, Pricing and equipment options
  • Door to Door Transport Service

When you choose Auto Transport Canada then you will assign a manager who assists you in paperwork, billing, scheduling and every step which are taken on the trip. Your manager helps you in pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

Real-time Tracking

We know your vehicle is one of the most precious assets, we never lose the track in shipping duration. We provide both satellite and GPS tracking system which provides you complete information where the vehicle is actually located during shipping. With this feature we make us complete transparent and more reliable with our client.

Door to Door Shipping

If you choose Auto Transport Canada’s door to door transport service then our driver will take a delivery transport vehicle from your home or office as you like. When we use a big truck for your shipping and your neighbor will not be permitted to enter the big truck then we use some other method which our coordinator will handle.

Shipping vehicle locally or internationally both moves are the stressful step. Therefore we offer our flexible and specialized service to make your move successful in as easiest way.

During shipping, you make to be sure that your shipping company that you choose to move your car has the proper equipment. This type of search about shipping company prevents you from any accident and claims. The car shipping Canada is not an easy task that why we need to be careful.