Bedfordshire is a small country in England. The driving instructions are somewhat different from those used in other countries. So, if someone is planning to visit Bedfordshire then he or she must be aware of Bedfordshire driving instruction.

  1. Direction of Travelling

The direction of travelling according to Bedfordshire driving instruction is opposite from other various countries. In UK driver need to drive on the wrong side according to people of various other countries. Driver need to drive on left lane and driver need to sit on the right side of the car.

  1. Sequence of Traffic Lights

The sequence of traffic lights in UK in first Red then Amber then Green then Amber and then Red. Amber colour strictly means stop. This is actually for pedestrians.

  1. Communication with other drivers

For communicating with other drivers you can use your hand or traffic lights. Usage of horn should be as less as possible. Horn must not be used between 11:30 pm to 7 am until and unless there is an emergency.

  1. Parking Rules

Yellow lines are used for indicating parking. If there is single yellow line it means that parking is possible there but at specific times but if there is double yellow lines, it means that parking is not allowed there. Presence of white lines indicates that parking is allowed.

  1. Use of vehicle lights

You must keep your headlights on after sunset leaving those roads which contain sufficient lightning. You must keep your headlights on if you are unable to see more than 100 metres. When there is fog then also you must keep your lights ON.


Bedfordshire driving instruction are somewhat different from the instruction of other countries. So, before starting driving in Bedfordshire you need to be habitual of the rules of driving in UK. You can give some online tests on the rules as well and you can also observe 1 or 2 days before starting driving in Bedfordshire. Once you will start driving then you will be habitual of the rules in half an hour.