First thing to know, you can start with a glass which is free from the large debris. It also needs a different approach to eliminate the large debris. Even before you get your windshield wet. You can take a moment to remove leaves or other debris that might sit surrounding the base of glass. So, you can check for more tips to clean your Windshield Repair below.

Clean your windshield in the shade

After you eliminate your windshield by eliminating large debris, then you can find a shady location to bring your auto glass to the next level of cleanliness. You can start by using a high quality product that can absorb and does not leave any particles or lint behind. You can choose a good brand that you can buy at many stores.

Solutions for your auto glass care

When it comes to care and cleanliness of your auto glass,  most people will think that the dirty glass is caused by the glass cleaner and cannot do a good job in removing the dirt. So, you can start from a good product to get the best result as well. In case of dirty glass is not always caused by the glass cleaner. The problem is probably come from the way you clean the auto glass.

The streaks of glass cleaner

Ensure that you never allow the glass cleaner to get dry on your windshield. When it occurs, the streaks become gummy and hard to remove. The right ways to clean glass are:

– You can start from outside glass

– Spray the glass cleaner on the half of glass area that you will clean

– Ensure that you wipe properly and your glass is dry. If the glass cleaner dries out on your glass, then it can leave the residue

– You can repeat this way on each window, then you can start to clean the inside glass as well