Keep your eyes peeled for the next generation Nissan Leaf charging at stations near you with the immanent release of the much anticipated second generation. The first generation Nissan leaf was one of the pioneering electric vehicles, and still remains as one of the most popular electric vehicles sold to date. In more recent times its outdated styling and limited range have seen it overtaken by the likes of the Hyundai Ioniq and Renault ZOE Z.E.

We can expect to see the New Nissan Leaf with its upgraded 40k.w batter to have a range of around 400km which is a massive step up from the first generation Leaf which was limited to around 170km only making it suitable as a city car. Although Nissan Australia has not confirmed we are expecting to see the new Nissan Leaf come standard with a Type 1 connection and a CHAdeMO fast charging inlet to allow for rapid DC Charging. AC Nissan Leaf Charging Stations will come in the form of a single-phase 7kW system capable of a full recharge in around 5 hours.

In addition the aggressive new style is sure to win over new fans of the Nissan Leaf as it sheds the old fun bubbly look, for a more refined and sporty front and rear end. Add to this a slew of advanced technological features such as Pro Pilot, the Nissan Leaf’s version of Tesla Autopilot, and you have an electric vehicle which will certainly appeal to the masses.

You can register your interest with Nissan Australia for the New Nissan Leaf here or for a full rundown of the vehicle with further detail visit our blog here

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