You’ve got the Jeep. You’ve got the time.

But do you know what to do with them? We do.

What you need now is a list of fun Jeep activities you can do on or off the road. Lucky for you, you’ve just found one!

Below, we’ve collected some awesome and adventurous uses for your Jeep that lesser vehicles just can’t handle. Off-roading, exploring, farming activities, and really long road trips—this guide has it all.

Get ready to experience the great, wide world as only a Jeep owner can. Prepare your mind, body, and vehicle, and then try out these awesome Jeep activities.

1. Travel Historic Route 66

One of the best ways to make the most of your Jeep is a nice, long road trip. One of the most famous routes for this is Route 66.

There are plenty of historic points of interest along this 2,448-mile stretch of road. And a Jeep is one of the few vehicles tough enough to drive across these backroads from Chicago to L.A. and get through unscarred. Before your trip, though, check on any travel restrictions due to COVID-19 that may prohibit you from completing the trip.

2. Extreme Camping

Sure, you can backpack across the mountains. Or, you can attack them with your Jeep. That is, you can use your Jeep to explore off-road trails instead of footpaths. 

If you’d rather have a high-octane adventure than peace and quiet, choose the off-road option. Besides, your Jeep is great for hauling all of your camping stuff, anyway.

3. Be Open

One of the most unique ways to enjoy a joy ride is with the top and doors of your Jeep removed. Feeling the wind come at you from all directions is wild and exhilarating. Also, you can’t do this with your other car.

4. Farming Activity

Is your tractor broken down? Use your Jeep. 

With a few simple modifications, your Jeep can be outfitted to do just about any farming activity you’d otherwise use a tractor for. But, before you go plowing your field, check the laws in your area about using a gas Jeep for farming.

5. Join a Jeep Club

You don’t have to do all these fun things alone, either. Joining a Jeep club connects you with other Jeep owners you can off-road with. Plus, you’ll learn about special, group events you can take your Jeep to.

Lastly, there are plenty of other amazing uses for your Jeep that we don’t have room for in this article. So, for more awesome reasons to buy a Jeep, check out this guide at

Try These Fun Jeep Activities

Don’t just own a Jeep. Experience it. Try out these fun Jeep activities the next time you get the chance.

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