Royal Protection Plan Auto Warranty Provides Advice on Selecting the Best Coverage Plan

Ocean, NJ — Date — When purchasing an extended service warranty, it is crucial to establish specific details about the coverage. Some contracts only provide cover for the interior engine. In addition, the warranties may also require that the vehicle undergoes an oil change in either three months or 4,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Michael Shaftel, CEO of Royal Protection Plan Auto Warranty recommends reading the fine print since all specifications are vital. A seemingly minor detail, such as missing an oil change may undermine coverage.

Extended service warranty firms offer different types of plans to suit varying needs and budgets. Some of the tiered levels of coverage include powertrain, engine and comprehensive or select coverage.

Royal Protection Warranty Coverages Royal Protection Plan Auto Warranty offers well-formulated plans that provide varying levels of protection.

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The select plan

The select plan is designed to provide full coverage for key auto components. It is a great choice for anyone with a newer vehicle. The package pays for major repair bills, such as air conditioning, the engine, transaxle, brakes, suspension, transmission, electronics, audio visual and more.

Some of the repairs covered by the plan come with an optional surcharge. The repairs include the turbocharger, electric sliding door, GPS, transfer unit 4X4 and audio visual. All Royal Protection Plan Auto Warranty coverages are transferable, renewable and refundable. In addition, they incorporate a $100 deductible.

Engine coverage contract

This plan provides adequate protection for high mileage vehicles by covering costly engine repairs. Customers can take advantage of this plan by having engine parts repaired or replaced. Even though this option is not as comprehensive as other plans, it still helps vehicle owners lock in the prices of engine parts.

The engine coverage contract caters for all internally lubricated engine components. These include valve springs, oil pump, camshaft bearings, piston rings, rocker arm shafts, cylinder heads, engine block, crankshaft and more. The cylinder heads and engine block repairs are only covered if the failure is caused by internally lubricated parts (all components included in long block assembly).

Powertrain coverage

The powertrain plan is a viable option for newer vehicles that are still covered by the factory warranty. The plan becomes crucial when the owner continues driving the vehicle after the expiry of the original warranty. However, it does not pay for routine maintenance.

Some of the components covered by the plan include drive axles, transmission and the engine. These parts generally require regular maintenance to keep the vehicle running smoothly. They are also costly when it comes to replacement or repair. The all-wheel drive and turbocharger are covered with optional surcharges.

Powertrain enhanced coverage

The powertrain plus plan covers all components included in the basic powertrain coverage in addition to air conditioning and electrical repairs. The majority of parts protected by this package sustain considerable wear and tear due to regular use of an automobile. Policyholders can cover the water pump, engine, transmission, turbocharger and more.  

Coverage benefits

Royal Protection Auto Warranty offerings come with an array of protection benefits. These include unlimited number of claims, transferable coverage, car rental, lockout assistance, trip interruption protection, roadside assistance and national coverage.

Lockout assistance provides peace of mind knowing that you can always regain access to your car even if you lose the keys. On the other hand, road assistance is a vital service that gets you back on the road quickly after a breakdown. This type of cover entails jump starting a battery, towing, fuel delivery and tire changes.


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